Server Rules

1. Harassment of any player regarding sex, religion and ethnic background, or for any other reason we deem unfit, will not be tolerated. If it is found that the person complaining about the harassment in any way provoked or egged on the behaviour, they will also be subject to punishment.

2. If you find yourself in a situation that you do not want to be in, remove yourself. Staff will not moderate squabbles between players or guilds. If you complain of harassment, and it is found that you did not try to remove yourself from the situation by every possible means (including ignoring that player on the chat system and in the client), your request will be ignored.

3. Spam: Repeated use of the in-game paging system, website or public chat (e.g. PMs or tags on Discord) to bring attention to a specific situation, or multiple situations, or to falsely report a player for harassment, may result in the suspension or removal of your account from our server. This includes any repeated action that staff feel is applicable to these policies.

4. You may not use any of our services (such as the game or any kinds of other chat programs) to advertise, discuss or coordinate the sale or purchase of game accounts or items for real life money. If you choose to interact with someone and give out personal information of any kind, you do so at your own risk. If requested by authorities, we will turn over access logs of individuals to aid in their investigations.

5. Using our server to try to set up real life meetings, or to advertise and sell real life items is strictly forbidden.

6. The use of any hacks, bugs or exploits is strictly forbidden. Staff reserve the right to decide whether any of these offenses has taken place. If you find a bug or exploit, we ask that you immediately report it to staff and discontinue any use or mention of it. Users found to be spreading information about how bugs or exploits work will also be punished accordingly to these policies.

7. You may not use the game, including its website or any kinds of chat programs around it, to advertise for other servers or services.

8. You may not log into someone else’s account, unless given permission by us. If you do so, your accounts will be linked by IP addresses and you may go over the account limit, which will result in random account deletion.

9. The number of accounts per physical person is limited to 3. However, under certain circumstances, for example a family whose members live under the same roof (and then share the same IP address), you can ask staff to manually create additional accounts. Please be aware that the situation is regularly evaluated. Tests are carried on with the goal of checking that no abuse is happening on this topic. Staff reserve the right to act in accordance to the disrespect of these policies.

10. Running AFK macros is not allowed. However, training yours skills is permitted inside the server starting zone or inside your houses. This is a per account basis. You cannot run AFK macros on one of your accounts while being active on of your other accounts.

11. You may not attempt to impersonate staff or solicit account information from other players.

12. Situational punishment: There are no strictly defined punishments for any offense on our server. All punishment is decided by staff overseeing the situation. If we decide that a situation not listed here is in violation of our system policies in any way, shape or form, we reserve the right to suspend or remove your account from our server.

13. Inactive account: Accounts are removed after 100 days of inactivity (not logging in). If you are going on holiday for an extended period or unable to log in for more than 100 days for other reasons, please contact us to have your account preserved.

14. By creating and using an account on our server, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to follow these policies. These policies will apply to anyone who uses your account (intentionally or not). You are personally responsible and will accept all consequences that may result if someone who is using your account violates these policies.

15. We reserve the right to define any offense as harmful to the game and worthy of suspension or removal of your account. The rules listed here describe the more likely situations only; just because an activity is not listed here does not mean you should do it.